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Choose wallpaper Tip: The thinner the coating, the more secu

Choose wallpaper Tip: The thinner the coating, the more secure
Recently, the Shanghai quality supervision department of the wallpaper on the market sampling, tests found 58 batches, 53 batches of samples were detected plasticizer, accounting for sampling Jiucheng.
    Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision issued "product quality and safety risk warning wallpaper" in the show, the production process is easy to add wallpaper phthalate plasticizers, wallpaper can also cause air of volatile organic compounds (TVOC) is too high. Studies have shown that these substances are harmful to human beings, can not be ignored.
"Pure paper and plain paper non-woven materials wallpapers were not detected plasticizer overrun value, while PVC material wallpaper plasticizer higher detection rate." Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision reminded to buy PVC material wallpaper consumers should try to avoid this kind of wallpaper for children and touch and lick and suck.
The higher price is not wallpaper, the more secure? In this regard, Shanghai quality supervision department pointed out that price and wallpaper plasticizer content is not directly related, the most important is the material. When buying wallpaper products, if consumers have doubts wallpaper product quality purchase, you can view the product purchased third party inspection report to the merchant, if necessary, can be sent to authorities detection.
Reporters learned that a select wallpaper tips from the Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision, "when consumers buy PVC wallpaper, recommended to choose slightly thinner coating, because the plasticizer plays a role flexibility, coating thicker, add plasticized agents may be, the more prone to excessive levels of plasticizer. "
Currently, the wallpaper in the plasticizer, the state is still no relevant mandatory standards.


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