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Environmental protection into the blood wallpaper

Environmental protection into the blood wallpaper
 With the concept of environmental protection wallpaper industry gradually attention, one of the advantages of "green" has become the corporate branding, with the increase of the number of times it appears, but consumers can not start. Many brands have declared wallpaper product of "zero formaldehyde", although the surface looks no different and ordinary products, but the price will go up. Given the current lack of many consumers identify wallpaper raw materials knowledge and experience for the enterprise declared "zero formaldehyde" hold promise only to wait and see attitude.
Wallpaper environmental testing three elements
It is understood, formaldehyde, heavy metal content of the monomer, vinyl wallpaper factory is internationally accepted environmental testing three elements. First, the cause of wallpaper formaldehyde, in addition to the previously mentioned adhesive wallpaper, wallpaper base paper is also an important factor in whether environmental protection. In the pulp production process, there are processes and reducing an aldehyde hydroformylation process, which makes part of the pulp may remain in free formaldehyde. At present, the vast majority of manufacturers use paper market, are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of environmental protection provided by the US and European manufacturers, many of the works and the lower price of wallpaper base paper used in the important reasons is not necessarily imported paper. Secondly, the international environmental certification wallpaper on the first assessment project is the pigment in the heavy metal content, if the content is excessive, the body will be nerves, internal organs and skin hazard, especially a greater impact on children. At present, the main process and wallpaper gap with foreign countries in the pigment quality wallpaper, color, stability, and this is the main reason for the high price of foreign products. Third, the vinyl chloride coating material from PVC wallpaper in. The PVC is a polymer, in the normal state of the environment, which contains chlorine does not present people have even the slightest harm. Only when the high temperature state, that fire, will decompose to produce free chlorine, such as excessive levels, it will make people suffocate, can not escape.
Perfect wallpaper industry standards
With the rapid development of the industry, market chaos wallpaper increasingly prominent, in order to ensure the industry toward green, steady progress on the road of healthy development, industry standards and norms has become the top priority of the government and the association. Back in 2001, when the AQSIQ promulgated the "interior decoration materials harmful substances pollution standards," clearly material to wallpaper made environmental protection requirements. It is understood that the majority of the wallpaper surface printing inks used by the enterprise to the aqueous solvent-based, starch glue adhesives also changed, as long as consumers look for national certification standards, choose rest assured reliable business, do not worry wallpaper environmental issues. In 2010, the People's Republic of China and Ministry of Information Industry issued and implemented the People's Republic of China light industry standards "wallpaper industry standard" (QB / T 4034-2010) in Beijing. Standardization work includes the development of standards, implementation, monitoring three aspects. The standards established by the provisions of the wallpaper product classifications, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, as well as packaging, transportation, storage, and its scope includes pure paper wallpaper, wallpaper of pure non-woven paper, paper and non-woven wallpaper base paper wallpaper base. The non-woven wallpaper market consists of PVC wallpaper still apply national standards promulgated in 1999, "PVC wallpaper" (QB / T3805-1999). In addition, such as "wallpaper construction inspection standards" and other relevant standards introduced, so that when consumers buy wallpaper Duoliaoyifen more reliable protection.
Only environmental concepts into companies "blood" among the development trend of the industry and the community, enterprises can achieve true rapid development.


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