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Wallpaper trap "fatigued" Consumers see wallpaper decoration

Wallpaper trap "fatigued" Consumers see wallpaper decoration
  Once the flooring, cabinets, sanitary ware, hardware, tile, paint, furniture and parallel is called "eight pieces of decoration," the wallpaper, and now sales shrink, even quietly closed. When the survey period wallpaper consumer market found only with effect of the decoration and the lack of practical value wallpaper, aesthetic decoration is facing "new generation" of pressure, because other materials have many advantages, such as raising the indoor environment, adjust the temperature and humidity, use a good fight Li and other popular market. Professional wallpaper sales in the industry, said awareness of the residents to purchase wallpaper renovations are being reduced, future trends in decoration, but also look forward to more high-tech products available.
    market survey
    Consumer "bearish" wallpaper decorative effect
    Recently, some stores who told reporters, as the decoration of a large category, wallpaper store sales compared to last year, significantly reduced, and both the number of stores, and no longer sells this product category, curtains, wallpaper , paintings, decorations, and even the furniture, have been sellers "package" as a whole soft-mounted scope, there seems to wallpaper decoration products market "non-mainstream" trend.
    "Acting a wallpaper cost is not very high, there is a shop, hang several samples can then be opened. Unfortunately, the problem is not the operating costs, but to reduce the market demand." Located west of a fabric store staff told reporters, now home decoration, wallpaper is being used more as a decorative material, rather than functional materials, general decoration standard control in less than a few million public home improvement, do not consider wallpaper "Up for some families the effect alone one wall papering, the costs are planned very tight. "
    Reporters interviewed in the city to buy the building materials decoration products to the public, of which only 30% of the respondents expressed their willingness to use as wallpaper decorative landscaping effect in the decoration, but most people think it is a waste of wallpaper, tiles are buying Mr. Yang said, "home decoration with white cement wall brush can be friends, there is no need to use (wallpaper), in addition to aesthetics, no other use, there is no consideration of."
    In addition, because of its wide variety of wallpaper pattern selection, so that dealers can not all begin with "visible results" put out, most still in the form of pictures for viewing when consumers buy, choice, and therefore there is a consumer worry "final results" give up wallpaper
    Optional blind
    Imported wallpaper fish prices are not controlled
    Decoration wallpaper on the market variety, quality varies greatly, consumers do not know in the end what brand of wallpaper decoration, the price is much, only from the size of the store, the price level to determine the grade of the decoration wallpaper. Has many years of experience in decoration designer Wang Hu said the city, in the purchase of wallpaper, first look at the material, PVC is the most common, non-woven fabrics and plain paper, "environmental performance of PVC, with respect to the natural materials of wood decoration wallpaper, wood fiber decoration wallpaper, fabric wallpaper decoration much worse, and sometimes there are plastic smell taste, above the mid-range of home improvement consumers generally will not consider the hardest to identify is those prices were very high wallpaper, in fact, can not simply use price level determination decoration wallpaper quality. "he suggested that consumers know more about the expertise of some wallpaper, choose when you want to use more water and wipe with a fire burning on favorite wallpaper, it is best to get 2 meters away backlit look feel.
    Another industry designers revealed recently in Haikou and other places, quality inspection departments repeatedly checks the problems imported wallpaper behind many close imported brands of wallpaper, or even "three non-product." Europe and Southeast Asia from the advertised "pseudo-foreign card", each volume priced from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, but with the quality of domestic wallpaper, but the price is far more than domestic products. "In addition to tariffs, agents and other intermediate costs, domestic and imported wallpaper wallpaper gap between design, technology, color, barcode, environmental protection and other aspects have not, and many domestic companies have dedicated design and development team, also jointly with internationally renowned design agency , developed a number of new products. the real import wallpaper, in fact, most of your related fees.
    The industry appeals
    Wallpaper industry needs standardization and technological innovation
    Reporters learned, and now domestic wallpaper has been mostly reference imported resources, China Building Decoration Association insiders believe that the current domestic and imported wallpaper, all materials have substantially equal, domestic raw materials are imported equipment is imported, most high-end, What was worse? only difference is the Chinese people to make production or foreigners only, and therefore more cost-effective domestic wallpaper. "In the issue of environmental protection, China's environmental standards may be even higher than the European standard, is not imported to be good consumers not because of some domestic wallpaper wrapped imports of 'coat', mindless consumption and cause the entire market pricing confusion unclear. "
    Insiders also pointed out that wallpaper industry pricing, security, the current lack of uniform industry standards constraints, which also makes shoddy incident, some consumers lost.
    "Because of plaster, wood, paints and some other products in the wall decorations, with clean air, regulate the functional advantages of indoor temperature and humidity, and floor tile 'on the wall', more durable than wallpaper, good care, which are lead has been shrinking lately wallpaper market. "wallpaper industry sources said that science and technology will continue to develop new products, such as regularly washable, color conversion, absorption of harmful gases, new wallpaper, and personalize the wallpaper and decorative effect with deep dig consumption potential. The industry to remind consumers to purchase wallpaper, can be more appropriate to consider domestic brands, must not believe in the so-called "three noes" imported wallpaper


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