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How the wallpaper industry marketing channels across two obs

How the wallpaper industry marketing channels across two obstacles?
    Wallpaper industry and other building materials industry is different because of its very strong brand attributes, so do the wallpaper is in fact doing the brand. Now, with many foreign companies, using its strong financial strength and high brand awareness, have to enter the Chinese market in the wallpaper, to share one of the sweet soup. At this point, even though our business has taken many measures to increase promotion and marketing efforts, but in practice, but often awkward.
This problem mainly in marketing channels:
1 "size" Contradictions
    Salient points: channel changing mode of operation and marketing concepts, as well as products made from simple into marketing the brand.
Big brand preconceptions in the minds of consumers, it is difficult to convince customers of other brands. Especially engineering customers, difficult to slice.
The so-called big brands, well-known brands are relative. Dealer channel even if they know their own agency brand value as other brands of high, we can not give up the brand-building terminals. Especially the sanitary ware industry, we can not say that there is a completely brand in the market champion, take the absolute brand.
The world-renowned brand, well-known brands in the local is not necessarily known. The brand's influence to a large extent the image of the terminal. Therefore, dealers under the brand competition, in addition to highlighting their price and promotion, we have to pay particular attention to the brand image of the terminal, the terminal atmosphere, merchandise display, shopping guide skills, and old customers keep returning like.
2, "how much" Contradictions
Salient points: bigger and bigger business, inventories have increased, but cash flow is always counterproductive.
When big business, and the increase in inventories is necessary in order to good service distributors, service customers buy, make quick market response. But the stock is not the bigger the better, because the inventory for dealers do not make money, only to turn up stock to make money. To master the method of controlling inventory of our products for detailed data analysis. Dealer must always focus on historical sales data and sales forecasts for each product, combined with the brand manufacturers to consider the minimum cycle time. Timely inventory sluggish reasonable, lest manufacturers replace the product design or discontinued after impact customer service. Dealers must have a strong sense of inventory, there should be a modern enterprise management awareness.
Cash flow can be said to wallpaper the lifeblood of enterprises, especially for the volume of business is not very stable dealer. Cash flow directly affects the credibility of the industry dealers, distributors in the business reputation must believe in the long-term, to look ahead. Strict compliance with the agreed principles of good money, so as to increase the credibility of winning.


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