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Boost the harmonious development of industry diversification

Boost the harmonious development of industry diversification wallpaper
Some people say that is the last feast wallpaper decoration materials industry, some people say the wallpaper is the Last Supper, more and more companies realize that most of the channels who can master who is the biggest winner.
Independent store: Addict blend
Willingness to want to make their own decisions gradually strong, focus more and more companies will develop the wallpaper on the operation and management of independent stores. Long Ran wallpaper will build 60 standard stores as an important goal of the enterprise in 2013. Xue tricks chairman, said: "First, to enhance the standard store platform services, the second is the constraint of the store through a unified price system reunification bad behavior by the quality assurance system, unified standards of service, and the public common concern, supervision. this is what we want to build the store model. "
Opportunities exist with the adjustment, the development of independent stores such as double-edged sword, economic and human cost of independent stores channel will also become an important factor test for enterprise development. An industry veteran who comes to wallpaper, "as opposed to sales of single square, the profits of independent stores is falling, so the cost becomes high sales accounted Tandao a single channel than the cost divided by the square of its sales of single square this number to be large. "
Today's society, a need to store labor costs are also increasing. Similarly, for every store support, training is also an important input costs. Number of unit cost becomes high, the cost becomes higher unit sales, the channel seems to be a vicious cycle.
Marketplace: Soaring costs
In recent years, China's sales channels concentrated in the wallpaper store, wallpaper business has a strength and reputation of the presence of large stores also accelerated speed. In many major cities, actually home, Redstar and other well-known stores where you can see a rainbow, Lang and other ornaments wallpaper figure big brand stores.
Insiders believe: Brand wallpaper select set up shop in the brand store, on the one hand to take advantage of the strong appeal of the store to create their own brand influence; on the other hand takes into account the store environment, marketing and service system, easy business operations.
But with the increasingly high rents stores, stores continue to shop, raw materials, logistics costs are growing. Rise, bringing the cost of the wallpaper industry channels. And wallpaper stores in the relationship, the companies can not help but have several dependent helpless. Grammy wallpaper chairman Lou Yanhua once said in an interview: "If you put the brand positioning in the high-end, and now actually home Meikailong chain in the country, you do not enter the store, your brand channel development pathway and development it is hindered. "
Tooling channels: join need to be cautious
Real estate in many cities by the rough housing gradually shift to fine decorated rooms. Home decoration materials as wallpaper in the renovation works fine product application proportion is growing. According to the International Wallpaper Manufacturers Association (IGI) statistics, China's utilization rate stays at 4% to 6% low, and most of the main commercial tooling to the home improvement market as the goal of spending power has yet to be formed. Construction home building materials industry has become a very important channel.
However, due to the project requirements, the operation is difficult, so only a few brands wallpaper companies launched the Channel. China Association of Decorative Building Materials Branch Secretary Zhang Man-red wallpaper stressed that wallpaper companies must be based on their actual situation to develop engineering channels because large body projects, real estate prices will be generally low, profit project rate is not high, coupled with the large amount of this type of project Yakuan, long time, so companies must be careful to enter.
Electricity supplier channels: for an attempt to break
In dealing with problems emerging electricity supplier channels, wallpaper business point of view has been significantly differences. Negative side believes wallpaper is now selling semi-finished products, finished products need to go through to become a real service. Electricity supplier of expression is relatively worse, material, detail, paving effects can not display, e-commerce throughout the building and furnishing materials have this limitation.
Endorsed by the party believes that the electricity supplier must be the future of a new business model. Chain channels to the flow of water, flowing from a dealer terminal, and ultimately to flow to consumers. Grasp the current consumer spending habits electricity supplier, it will always be in line with the future development direction.
Many companies began to test the water and electricity provider channel, but at present no one has worked out a suitable method and mode of development. Vice President Shangmei Shi home (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Jinbao Rong said: "We have to try e-commerce, but also to explore some of the models, including the expression of the way we want to show the limitations of a breakthrough point, but also in the future in the process, electrons. business expression system to achieve some breakthroughs. "
Diversified marketing model also further promote the sound development of competition. Distribution costs rising and homogeneous products, wallpaper business weakened in the terminal market competitiveness, therefore, build a strong flat channel, to provide various types of channel experience or wallpaper can become the new direction of business transformation and upgrading .


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