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Wallpaper wall should be cleaned periodically vacuuming

Wallpaper wall should be cleaned periodically vacuuming
  As home decoration most commonly used building materials, face an array of wallpaper on the market, how to choose? Posted how to care for it after Wallpapers? Xiao Bian consulted the industry, and summarizes several of the most basic and most simple wallpaper selection, care and experience for the general public and with Friends reference.
    For house decoration wallpaper choices, the industry pointed out that the wallpaper as a specialty, is a good decoration materials, thousands of patterns and colors, to create a different style wall. Because of this, but also let people dazzled difficult to choose. But no matter what type of wallpaper selection must take environmental performance ranked first.
    For example, when choosing wallpaper try not to choose wallpaper glue surface. Because the plastic surface wallpaper environmental protection and breathability are relatively poor, and PVC synthesis wallpaper is not very suitable, because PVC environmental performance with respect to natural materials wallpaper decorated wood pulp, wood fiber wallpaper decoration, decoration fabric wallpaper worse, especially those smells plastic taste decoration wallpaper. There is, before the purchase of wallpaper, it should be possible to accurately calculate the amount of good wallpaper, so you can effectively control the cost of renovation. Currently on the market a little better grade wallpaper, prices are not cheap, so that at the time of purchase wallpaper would rather have to estimate the amount of "tension" that it is not enough when the Stones again how much difference you can make.
    Wallpaper is very beautiful, it can reflect the overall effect of home improvement and quality, but also very fragile wallpaper, wallpaper for the use of the renovated home, how to care for wallpaper, wallpaper extend life, but also a certain degree of skill and pay attention.
    Wallpaper for maintenance, when insiders Weapon On the Road, normal cleaning all the wallpaper on the wall is the wall regularly vacuumed clean, the cleaner can be put on the tip; daily special dirt track to find timely erasing method is the water wallpaper wall full spray cleaner, the role of 10-15 minutes later, the stain from the fiber, cleaning wallpaper, wall covering at the same time, with net absorption of water has been washing wallpaper, wall covering; for not water wall use a dry cloth to scrub, can be used such as rubber or wipe clean with a towel dipped in some liquid wring graze, in short, to promptly remove dirt, or over time will leave a permanent scar.


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