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Our business transformation wallpaper
As market competition intensified wallpaper, wallpaper is driving the process of shuffling. Survival of the fittest in the market flood, wallpaper companies have to upgrade a top priority for enterprise development. However, the successful transformation of wallpaper companies to non-overnight can do, step by step in order to be reborn.
Learn to control costs ??
?? In recent years, affected by raw material prices, exchange rates and related integrated domestic labor costs and other factors, a substantial increase in business costs, this trend, wallpaper enterprises shall comply with the principles of lean production. Cost control, cost reduction is not simply fall from the sky for the cost, nor to reduce costs by any means. First case of layoffs to resolve the crisis, in order to reduce costs at the expense of employees, consumers, the interests of society and the natural, more relaxed standards for product quality, shoddy, pit "father" of consumers, are the cost leader misreading and misinterpreted.
?? To maintain cost leadership advantage to wallpaper enterprises, is a production and management involving all elements of the system engineering, and continue to rely on the power of innovation, process optimization system and organizational structure, the transformation of equipment and technology, strengthen management and control, to ensure under the premise of product quality and corporate social responsibility, continuous cost "downsizing", this is the real cost competitive lead.
The need for forward-looking strategy ??
?? A wallpaper business strategy is like the rudder, the direction of solving the problem, companies towards where the battleship, is walking the fine line of specialization, type of connotation of strategic focus, or continue to extend the product line, expanding the field of diversified business development ideas , in a test of the wisdom and courage wallpaper business. Seen in this light, to create sustainable competitive advantage for businesses, wallpaper, not only the mental test, but also test the ability of foresight. In the international market under the increasingly fierce competition in the context of global economic integration, wallpaper business enterprise if it wants to be short-lived, it is necessary to create a sustainable competitive advantage.
Adhere to good service ??
?? Whether product, service or brand is not only the focus of market competition, but also can bring value to consumers, "a combination of material and spiritual." Enterprises to change the thinking wallpaper, wallpaper is not only tangible material needs, but also intangible spiritual needs, but also includes consumers seeking value. Enterprises with their own resources, capabilities, reputation, and other comprehensive strength-based, providing more value to the consumer that the product or service is the key to a sustained competitive advantage.
?? On the one hand wallpaper business products or services offered to consumers to be different from other companies, to build awareness of the unique value. On the other hand provide cost-effective products and personalized, personalized service, and to meet the spiritual needs of the brand, thus forming a unique competitive advantage of enterprises.


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