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Do not let the cost of "kidnapping" the development of wallp

Do not let the cost of "kidnapping" the development of wallpaper
   Our wallpaper brands want to place in the fierce competition, we must take the road of brand-oriented operation. As wallpaper business, industry must pursue direction. Design should become quantifiable products. Beginning of the design should take into account products in the production, marketing, consumption habits can be welcomed and recognized, so that the design flow of products to a greater extent become a terminal. Demand must be found, quantified, into consumer goods, can only get back the family silver decoration products is a failure.
Environmental protection material more environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly popular, more will choose a non-woven material class and pure paper wallpaper, and the market in order to meet the diverse needs of customers, the introduction of more environmentally friendly materials wallpaper.
In the 21st century Chinese wallpaper re-enter the take-off stage of development, wallpaper industry have seen an unprecedented development, production for many Chinese wallpaper in the design, production technology and environmental protection have reached the world advanced level. Survey shows that 80 domestic decoration wallpaper intended for use in about 60%, because of their taste and aesthetic sense of home was significantly higher than their predecessors, their independent space awareness, individuality, fashion consumer attitudes are consistent with the grade of wallpaper.
More experience, but also the consumer walking into the store or show, with visual and tactile to feel different wallpaper and other wall decoration materials, wallpaper measure environmental performance and safety with professional quality testing data. As for prices, thousand dollars a square meter, but there are ten dollars a square meter, three to four yuan a square meter.
Adopt good environmental performance technology and product formulations, so that environmental protection reliable guarantee (including the use of alternative chemical starch glue adhesive wallpaper paste) in the decorative effect, functional, 500-1000 new products introduced each year, making the design more wallpaper taste, more artistic, fashion, more in line with personalization features, a strong impetus to improve the quality of life of people living, this industry has laid a differentiated, high-end foundation. In conclusion after all these years people wallpaper of hard struggle, China's quality wallpaper, color, variety, quality, function entirely with foreign advanced countries comparable wallpaper, wallpaper and some enterprises in the size and strength of South Korea and Japan over some enterprise. In large decoration project gradually replacing the imported wallpaper products are even exported to foreign markets. China's annual exports of about 60 million rolls of wallpaper Europe and Southeast Asia.
As we all know, the essence of the wallpaper market competition is the brand strength, and brand strength of competition is actually competing technologies, which in the final analysis is the accumulation of capital, "money to do business," she said is the truth. Now, look at the current domestic wallpaper business, technology and equipment are in progress, and even international brands comparable trend, but this is the result of primitive accumulation of capital. Now fold changes gaps in the international market, Chinese companies want to narrow the wallpaper between international brands, or come to the fore in the international market, it must be efforts to control costs, good accumulation of capital, thereby strengthening its competitive hardware, better participate in international competition.
The importance of cost control
Insiders pointed out, zoom in to the international market, China wallpaper industry brand marketing than in Europe and America, however, less on human resources in some countries in Asia, has been living in the flattening out of the embarrassment of the position. China wallpaper industry for a successful transition, you have to break Bureau to implement sustainable development through cost control, the wallpaper industry transformation and upgrading of important support.
Cost control, cost reduction is not simply fall from the sky for the cost, nor to reduce costs by any means. First case of layoffs to resolve the crisis, in order to reduce costs at the expense of employees, consumers, the interests of society and the natural, more relaxed standards for product quality, shoddy, pit "father" of consumers, are the cost leader misreading and misinterpreted. Wallpaper companies naturally can not be so short-sighted.
Focus on cost control
Wallpaper companies products or services on the one hand to provide consumers want different from other companies, to build awareness of the unique value. On the other hand provide cost-effective products and personalized, personalized service, and to meet the spiritual needs of the brand, thus forming a unique competitive advantage of enterprises.
To maintain cost leadership advantage to wallpaper enterprises, is a production and management involving all elements of the system engineering, and continue to rely on the power of innovation, process optimization system and organizational structure, the transformation of equipment and technology, strengthen management and control, to ensure product quality and under the premise of corporate social responsibility, and continuously costs "downsizing", this is the real cost competitive lead.
In short, the capital is a key factor in the smooth operation of the wallpaper business. No capital, companies can not set up, but can not compete in the market; there is no accumulation of capital, but can not achieve the expansion of business scale, achieve a more long-term development. Therefore, companies must pay attention to wallpaper accumulation of capital, efforts to control production costs, do not let the cost of "kidnapping" the development of enterprises.


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