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Wallpaper market to be warmer

Wallpaper market to be warmer
    According to the first half of the current and the wallpaper market, the promotion has become the norm this year, the most obvious change wallpaper store. Indeed, as the property market downturn, this year the wallpaper market is weakening of the state. Wallpaper numerous businesses in order to activate the market, increased sales of their products, introduced a variety of promotional activities to attract the attention of consumers. However, these promotions, wallpaper market remains flat. In this regard, many people said that business models need to change the wallpaper industry.
Wallpaper industry hit rock bottom
In recent years, market saturation wallpaper market first, after raw material prices, natural disasters, real estate decline, lack of end-consumer demand, coupled with the global financial crisis, under a number of reasons, all of a sudden fell into the wallpaper industry market downturn, biting cold and windy on the market, the winter voices, industry sources expect the housing market to pick up a lot of people, a pot of cold rain poured the wallpaper industry through a body.
In the process of rapid development of enterprises, the majority of the wallpaper business can be described as confident, self-examination often overlooked, not to measure themselves, nor to find its own market position, which makes the majority of responsible people lose their sense of crisis and market risk awareness, wallpaper business continues to expand, in the event of dramatic changes in the market or market the brakes can not be quickly adjusted.
It can be said, in the country's overall economy is relatively stable environment, China wallpaper industry suffered winter can only be considered a partial setback, not a full impact, but the majority of the wallpaper business has focused on a range of issues exposed: follow the trend of fake abound, corporate strategy is not clear, the lack of long-term planning; the proliferation of the concept of marketing, channel construction weakness, the market is more natural state sales; lack of systematic business management, lack of product to maximize efficiency, market supervision and other issues, all the major companies wallpaper standing on the winter market outlet.
Through the winter need to self-break
Currently wallpaper industry as a whole in the extensive state-run, in the production, management, sales, investments are not achieved fine, this wallpaper with major companies engaged in the project over the years, on the scale of neglect of self-adjustment, management have a great relationship, thus "overwork." Sick as a mountain down, wallpaper companies often because one or two vulnerabilities came crashing down, but it is ready to self-improvement, long-term construction system, not overnight.
Less than a crisis coming crisis is not terrible, most terrible sense. Reform and opening up, economic success is not just the annual growth of GDP and the total economy, the most gratifying is to train a group of superior ability to adapt to the enterprise market, the wallpaper industry is also true. It is understood that after a winter season, some of the wallpaper companies have begun to take a positive attitude to self-adjust to continuously upgrade the implementation of brand strategy, seek new market penetration.
The face of difficulties, there is a positive solution attitude is certainly good, this is not just for self-closed, even based on the difficulties of one kind of attitude to guide the industry in trouble thrives, "the plum blossom bitter cold ", I believe that after a winter, wallpaper business through self-reflection, adjustment and transformation, wallpaper industry will usher in a glorious era.


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