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What kind of counter-attack wallpaper market strategy?

What kind of counter-attack wallpaper market strategy?
  2014 wallpaper face of brutal market environment and industry trend of relentless sluggish environment for the second and third tier brands walk wallpaper survival environment is not optimistic. As we all know, the brand influence of large, high customer loyalty, profitability and strong nature, plus accumulated abundant resources, seize the opportunity to launch "open large stores, open more stores," the "big sweep" strong expansion strategy. The small and medium enterprise wallpaper is exhausted, struggling to compete for the remaining space for survival and development. How to become a key counter-attack these wallpaper companies
    Precise positioning, brand
For wallpaper enterprises, brand operations have a personality, to have ideas.
After going out of business and the branding of products for docking. Brand allowing consumers to form such a view, I buy your wallpaper, wallpaper you in some ways to be the best.
This creates understanding and awareness of comparative before corporate brand emotional dependence. But also the interests of trying to brand and product successful docking.
Media-advertising positions in marketing, advertising that is consistent with the primary target audience by choosing the browsing habits of media, cross-media ad accurate delivery to the target population, the purchase of "audience" rather than "media" to achieve the purpose of the ad accurate delivery.
Precise positioning consumer audience to the brand into the market.
Take the difference of the road
Wallpaper winning enterprise marketing lies in creating differentiation, product differentiation is largely about the consumer orientation, determine the identity of a corporate brand.
Enterprises in the fierce competition among advanced and powerful need to win differentiated products as the foundation and support.
Identify the brand's own process characteristics to produce a selling point for the brand, a product realization process so that from "quantity" to "quality" of the leap, the pursuit of product differentiation, the different products sold to consumers in different sectors.
Identify their own characteristics, the formation of production alienation products, not only able to form their own distinctive brand characteristics of a selling point, but also looking for the market to carry out battle to cut direction.
Extraordinary times, very marketing
Business financing, raw material prices, rising labor costs and other effects of multiple factors, seriously affected the wallpaper business existence.
For the walk between the big-name brands and wallpaper companies should control the hard advertising costs of inputs, saving advertising costs, effective use of limited advertising, into PR, event marketing and other promotional strategies on low-cost, high-return and establish a good corporate image, enhance market credibility, reputation so that consumers willingly accept their own brands.
In short, extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. These companies are willing to work as long as the wallpaper, you can completely control the low cost create a strong brand.
When the market downturn, walk in between the big-name brands and enterprises should carefully verify wallpaper, bold shot, learn to deal with the crisis and even crises into opportunities.


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