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Functional wallpaper pavement Healthy Living

Functional wallpaper pavement Healthy Living
  In addition to formaldehyde indoor air purification assist wallpaper
    Formaldehyde is a large home improvement in the health of predators, consumers in the purchase of materials to avoid the hazards of formaldehyde, the business has been committed to the study of the decoration in addition to formaldehyde, formaldehyde and except in such green home wallpaper also appears in a boom kinds of new forms of wallpaper.
    In addition to formaldehyde wallpaper works
    In addition to similar works with formaldehyde wallpaper paint anti-formaldehyde, mainly using photocatalysts degradation of formaldehyde, the wallpaper in the absorption of free formaldehyde molecule, the oxidation-reduction reaction in the role of Photocatalyst, promoting the degradation of the formaldehyde molecule, thereby in addition to achieve the purpose of formaldehyde.
    In addition, some wallpaper bamboo fiber will be added thereto to reduce indoor formaldehyde content through adsorption.
    In addition to formaldehyde wallpaper effect dash?
    In addition to formaldehyde wallpaper principle sufficient efficacy in real life there dash it? Wallpaper that can help limited material content of formaldehyde degradation, after a reaction period of time will be in a saturation stage, so in addition to formaldehyde decoration in the room is not wallpaper long-term effective, and charcoal adsorption type of wallpaper, especially, but not only adsorption decomposition of formaldehyde molecules in the surface of the charcoal is saturated may also be slowly released again, causing secondary pollution indoors.
    In addition to formaldehyde buy wallpaper
    In addition to formaldehyde wallpaper although to some extent the concept is to sell the business, but also in the indoor environment can play a role in a variety of market principles, methods and quality in addition to formaldehyde mixed wallpaper, consumers in the purchase or big brands need to be a priority, but also from the addition to aldehydes principle wallpaper to buy products, superior adsorption decomposition, to avoid being deceived by mere name of the product.
    Anion wallpaper to create comfortable space
    With the rapid development of the fast-paced urban life, modern life increasingly lacks contact with nature, and the day after the home, how to quickly ease the day's mental fatigue has become a problem, and it is on this basis anion wallpaper on the introduction of a class of products, for the people of the city to bring a day of "slow life."
    What is anion?
    Single negative ions in the air a very short period of existence to the human body but can bring a lot of positive stimuli, negative ion particles can increase the oxygen content in the blood, is conducive to blood transmission, absorption and utilization, promote human metabolism, while improving the body's immune system. , Cardiovascular and respiratory systems have significant positive effects of negative ions on the nervous system, it is also known as "air vitamin."
    Anion principle wallpaper
    Anion wallpaper wallpaper mainly in the middle of adding a natural mineral ingredients, a strong ability to release negative ions of natural minerals, compared to ordinary wallpaper, can greatly enhance the anion content of indoor, help stimulate the nervous system, a comfortable feeling of space .
    Other features of the wallpaper to create a romantic environment creation
    In addition to mainstream anti-formaldehyde anion and wallpaper, other different functional principles wallpaper also been a lot of consumers, they can help some indoor air purification, while others can bring brilliant interior decoration effect.
    Wallpaper diatom mud
    Diatom mud with the modern home improvement requirements not to raise the tide began increasingly popular kind of wall material, it diatomaceous earth as raw material, it is possible to substitute its own wallpaper and paint, with a wide range of applications interior decoration.
    Environmental principles diatom mud
    In one diatomaceous earth is a living aquatic plankton millions of years ago, after the death of its long-term deposits with geological changes changes, become artificial crushed diatomite. Diatom mud itself has numerous pores, it can play a very good fire retardant, humidity control, acoustic noise reduction and clean air.
    Wallpaper diatom mud added elements, but also further enhance the environmental friendliness of its own wallpaper, wallpaper diatom mud generally have chosen five pigment reconcile, soft colors, can slow down the wall of reflective, help protect the eyesight, diatoms in a blend of mud wallpaper diatom mud itself environmental protection capability, they also make up a good diatom mud itself is not much decorative effect of the defect, to the room better visual effect.
    STORING wallpaper
    STORING wallpaper can be said to be a romantic full functionality of wallpaper, wallpaper on this paper are inlaid moldings made of light-emitting substance, in the presence of light, the light absorbing portion and stored, when the outside when dark, and the stored energy can be released, after lights showing attractive colors and patterns.
    Comments: Functional wallpaper wallpaper different from the traditional materials, focusing on their own pollution outside can bring more positive impact on the use of life, but in the concept of endless variety of wallpaper, we also need a clear purifying distinguish different products, to avoid selecting only the efficacy of the product is no gimmick.


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