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So how important is a wallpaper Stones university asked for wallpaper understanding of people know how to put up wallpaper effect after the third of that wallpaper that seven Paving, Paving wallpaper shows , want to make wallpaper paving thick walls show better results, choose a professional paving team is a must. At the same time, the wallpaper is not posted in the paving area as possible, paving the wallpaper also pay attention to, under normal circumstances, a small living area for the whole stick, while some of the larger local area, sticking to the wall to make monotonous boring, but more suitable for topical be paving, so that the wall can have focus.
Processing Wall
Wallpaper paste primary surface must be clean, smooth, treatment methods are also grant putty, then polished, polished standards and prepare the same paint brush. Wallpaper shop two days before brushing the wall wallpaper base film or varnish (alkyd or lacquer can, no need to use polyester paint), pay attention to brush the top at midnight there will be some point splashed paint on the wall; when whitewashing, the brush may also bring up some nap, then a simple brushing of the base film is preferably polished look.
Selection of accessories
In the auxiliary adhesive wallpaper choice is very important, in addition to ensuring its quality is no problem outside but also to ensure the environmental performance of DPM, the human body can not cause damage. Former wallpaper paste, brush on the wall is not shallow varnish (varnish), but colorless and odorless base film; wallpaper adhesive wallpaper glue is no longer with white latex, but the wallpaper glue directly watered; so as to ensure that no trace of smell in the room are paving the wallpaper.
Recommendation decoration experts tell us that the varnish base film can play a closed wall, waterproof effect, but in comparison, the varnish with a touch of flavor, and the base film colorless, odorless and environmentally friendly. The decoration wallpaper glue used is extracted from potatoes, rice out of, naturally more healthy.
Calculate the amount of
Wall stickers in ensuring the quality and safety of the foundation, we have to learn how to reduce wallpaper loss and cost savings. The general estimate is based on your room floor using 2.5 to 3.5 times the computing area. When calculating the amount, we need to understand the wallpaper specifications, and eliminating loss of flowers.
To spend wisely, "is that many people in the decoration of the principle. In practice, the corners of the loss is inevitable. It is reported that wallpaper loss is relatively high in a number of materials, the loss rate is generally about 15%. Insiders said, "wallpaper loss rate varies by size. For example, pick an empty middle penthouse floor 5.8 meters, 10 meters long roll of wallpaper, the loss rate is up to 40%; and if it is 3 meters storey apartment general loss rate is only 10%. "
In the design of a given size, how to ensure that consumers can reduce their own programs wallpaper loss it? The answer is, from flower aspects of an issue. It is understood, according to wallpaper pattern can be divided into plain, floral, large flowers. When paving, plain wallpaper do not need to spend, so the low loss rate, while Floral, the flower will need to spend, and the greater the loss the greater the flower. In contrast, the vertical arrangement of the pattern than the pattern horizontally arranged lower utilization.
Calculation of wallpaper, the walls due to the complexity of the wallpaper pattern of uncertainty, in general, can not be calculated precisely in advance, there will always be the case of excess or replenishment. Guaranteed to find an experienced business, trading, let the buyer is the most assured approach.
Crop wallpaper
Trimmer is the most important part of the wallpaper paste, and the cutter, there are two ways, one is overlapping cutting method, the ground will overlap the wallpaper, for good flower, cut under the knife, and then paste, and simple construction of flowers accurate. One kind of patchwork method, after the top of the wall in the end portion Measure the height of the skirting and cut wallpaper sizes of materials than the actual size of a few centimeters long and pre-cut paper compiled a good number, in order to paste, paste from the upper part flower. Need to spend puzzle wallpaper, this approach avoids waste, but the construction more difficult.
Post Wallpaper
Before the construction should be chosen in the air relative humidity less than 85%, the temperature should not have dramatic changes of season, determined to avoid the wet season and the wet wall construction. Construction, should open doors and windows during the day to maintain ventilation; doors and windows closed at night to prevent the ingress of moisture. Just paste the wall wallpaper, prohibit winds fierce winds, it will affect its adhesion fastness extremely surface engineering.
To cut a good wallpaper paste after wet before, usually after the infiltration in water, place 10 minutes gluing. Gluing wallpaper paste is also key, requiring brushing glue uniform, tight, can not leak brush, be careful not to wrap the edge, from the pile to prevent dirty wallpaper. After gluing the back of wallpaper, plastic and rubber surface should be placed face again and again, not only can prevent the adhesive surface dries quickly, but also to prevent contamination of paper, while allowing the paste operation.
Wallpaper is from top to bottom, a mosaic of a paste. Wallpaper is 53 cm wide, one is 53 cm. Suppose room wallpaper is part of the width of 40 cm, need a wallpaper.
A roll of wallpaper is the total length of 10 meters, three points, a 3.33 meters, pattern wallpaper, parquet docking should be between between each piece (called a flower), the larger the pattern (two identical flowers distance from the flower called), when two of the flower wallpaper, the greater the loss. Therefore, a roll of three, after a good flower, the width of each web may sometimes be only 3 meters or less, the height of the wall is necessary within this range.
Wallpaper paste requires top of the wall and baseboards at the joints should be tight, can not have a gap, with the edge of the blade along the wall and skirting will be compacted, dried wallpaper knife Qi gelling. Extruded glue should promptly wipe with a wet towel.
Roof generally do not shop wallpaper, construction difficult, the effect is not good. But the roof and wall interface hard to deal with, does not deal certainly does not look good, relatively simple way is to add plaster, plaster now out of fashion, but there is no need to completely deny. A better approach is 20 cm beneath the roof do not shop wallpaper, paint brush, wallpaper above the waist or with wallpaper hanging mirror line, this treatment can also reduce the height of the pavement, reduce losses.
Subsequent processing
Wallpaper pavement just beyond the doors and windows should be closed room, dry processing. Because just Puwan wallpaper room ventilation can cause immediate wallpaper Alice and play drums. 3 days after the end of the pavement to be wallpaper should be gently wiped with a moist towel wallpaper seams wallpaper glue residue.


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