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Wallpaper and wall color
Red with white, black, blue, gray, beige, gray.
Marbled texture wallpaper
Marbled texture wallpaper
Pink with purple, black, gray, dark green, white, beige, brown, navy blue.
Orange with white, black, blue.
Yellow with purple, blue, white, brown, black.
Brown with beige, yellow, brick red, blue, green, black.
Green with white, beige, black, dark purple, taupe, gray-brown.
Dark green with pink, light purple, apricot, dark purple, blue and green.
Blue with white, powder blue, red sauce, gold, silver, olive green, orange, yellow.
Light blue with white, red sauce, light gray, purple, blue and gray, pink.
Purple with pale pink, gray blue, yellow-green, white, purple, silver gray, black.
Purple with blue, pink, white, black, purple, dark green.
Wallpaper pattern with room
Gaudy colors, dazzling large flower pattern often in the distance can be an attractive sight, the pattern seems to be realistic
Feeling ready to come, so that the most suitable wallpaper pattern pavement in a single room, in order to reduce the sense of restraint bedroom. Some have a regular arrangement of floral patterned wallpaper background can be used as a bedroom, so that their favorite sofa, chair reveals its featured in this little flower against a background of stars. If the lower storey bedroom, you can choose vertical striped wallpaper to decorate the walls, because the vertical bar pattern can give rise caused by the illusion of sight, so the room does not look seem depressed.
In fact, not only beautiful wallpaper service in bedroom walls, it can become a decorative household items materials. You can use the rest of the scrap shop wall, home decorative lamp, wardrobe, placemats, give the whole family the most perfect sense of harmony.
Wallpaper patterns, color is extremely rich, even if the same kind of style, but also by wallpaper, wallpaper waistline, cloth, gauze, silk and so on with each other from many styles, so you can choose any wallpaper according to their interests and aesthetics style. But wallpaper different textures, colors, patterns will form different visual effects, so you have to combine the story of their own room, room lighting conditions, the size of units to select the appropriate wallpaper.
Some people jokingly wallpaper, wall covering wall is "fashion", this is not an exaggeration, because it is often the same as the representative of the fashion and trend of the times, reflecting the personality, the expression of people's pursuit of beauty and comfort. In the designers and craftsmen who co-innovation,
Wallpaper image
Wallpaper image
Application of new technology and equipment, the existing wallpaper, wall covering product already has style rich, colorful and distinctive texture, texture soft, sound-absorbing breathable, easy to burst, laminating simple, easy to replace and can be cleaned with water and so on merit, and needed to make fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-static and other special features environmentally friendly products. Its color, pattern, texture are carefully designed and better adapted to meet the needs of various environments and aesthetics of modern people at all levels, so for people to create a luxurious, warm, comfortable and healthy environment, which is the other wall surface decorative materials can not match.
Wallpaper and room light
In general, the selection of wallpaper warm or cool colors, and the light in the room are closely related. For sun room, you can use the trend in cool tones to ease the sense of the room temperature, such as the elegant light blue, light green, etc., if the light is very good, the color of the wallpaper can be appropriately point to deepen the comprehensive strength of the light, lest wallpaper under the glare whitening mapping. In addition, not a large-scale use of reflective tape or reflective dot pattern wallpaper, if you use too much, will be installed on the wall like a lot of small lenses, people feel Akira.
The shade of the room, you can choose warm colors of wallpaper to increase the clear sense of the room, such as milk, yellow, light orange, light coffee, or choose a color tone is lively wallpaper, avoid excessive use of heavy dark lines emphasize, engender feeling of oppression.
Wallpaper and room area
Wallpaper colors and patterns directly affect the atmosphere of space, large flower pattern reduces bedroom binding sense. Some flower pattern fidelity, rich colors, a distance really feel ready to come out, this wallpaper can reduce the feeling of restraint room, people being in among the flowers, eyes full of surprises for the more prosaic pattern room use. Generally speaking, the wallpaper should match European classical furniture (such as brown, black and mahogany color), press both big flower pattern sexy, but you can add a trace of bright colors in the classic deep. If you choose the furniture is modern and simple people better we not choose this wallpaper.
Dark or light a small area of ​​the room, you should choose a smaller pattern wallpaper. Fine regular pattern room to add a sense of order. Regular fine pattern can provide a room is neither exaggeration but not too plain background, you can try shades relatively shallow intersecting vertical and horizontal lattice type wallpaper, everything was among the order to be room for expansion. Very popular on the market some time ago, small floral pattern, but my own opinion, flower wallpapers fit neatly furnished room, and the light is adequate, too trivial jewelry with make the room look messy, which is why a lot of people to reflect, a small floral wallpaper on the wall felt messy reasons.
Wallpaper and room space
Vertical striped wallpaper can increase the height of the room. Long strip pattern wallpaper has permanence, various characteristics of classical, etc., is one of the most successful choice, it can color the most effective way to spread in the whole wall, and simple elegance.
If the room already look tall, choose a larger width or slightly wider pattern of type long fringe (and clothes is the same reason), this type of wallpaper suitable for use in large flowing space, make the original tall the rooms have an effect that extends to the left, the visual balance. If the room itself is short, you can choose elongated design, narrower pattern enables the lower room to produce the effect of upwardly directed.
Clear lines, bold colors, abstract shapes wallpaper patterns fit individual needs, but this requires the same wallpaper with personalized furniture. If it simply with a sheet metal furniture, apparently inserted a BMW car in front of the Mercedes-Benz standard.
Wallpaper and room use
Wall furniture set off from the role, dignified color is too rich, you will not achieve the role of the background, so the color of rich wallpaper should only use a small area (TV wall, sofa backdrop restaurant or side walls), while the living room or the restaurant is play a major role in the background of the wallpaper or choose light colors better. If the outdoor green plants, light scattering into the room with purple, yellow, pink and other warm colors of the walls will create a sunny atmosphere; if outdoors is a large red brick or other, the wall should be light yellow, light brown, etc, can give a smooth feel.
Living room, dining room is a gathering of people, entertainment, eating places, bright colors and bright colors of human emotions was activated, with this type of wallpaper, it can make the spirit more pleasant, cheerful mood, unrestrained.
The bedroom needs gives a warm feeling, people relax, emotional stability, and even a little hypnotic effect, lower brightness, darker wallpaper is more suitable. Of course, if you really liked the bright color wallpaper, awake like lively bedroom, sleep when they like the quiet bedroom, how to do it? Then add a little thick curtains block it, pull opened, immediately change the room colors.
Second bedroom if mainly inhabited by elderly people should choose some of the more quiet and calm can make people of color wallpaper, can also be selected with some elements floral wallpaper based on the preferences of the elderly.
The study human needs as a meditation space, are advised to use low brightness or color to make a cool color concentrate focus on thinking, or mood impetuous calm.
Children's room wallpaper, generally choose brightly colored wallpaper can also be decorated with cartoons waist embellishment, or up and down with the use of upper belt cartoon images, the lower prime strip or plain wallpaper, creating a clean and happy results.
Wallpaper cool colors easy to concentrate, suitable for use in the study.
Wallpaper and other furniture
Best furniture and wallpaper of the same color, it will look like this home environment of harmony and unity.


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