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Pure non-woven fabric as the substrate, the rear surface coated with water-based ink printing special materials, special processing, with sound-absorbing, deformation, etc., and there is a strong respiratory function.
Second only to the second largest plastic surface wallpaper wallpaper sales. Wallpaper is also among the most environmentally friendly kind. The material is natural cotton fiber through nonwoven forming. Sales of the largest in Europe, the domestic market, Zhejiang market and has sold non-woven plastic surface wallpaper comparable, non-woven and future will be the mainstream. Another point is that knowledge about the Nonwoven: Depending on the amount of fiber contained is divided into two kinds of material. A fiber content of less than 16 percent, referred to as non-woven paper; greater than 16 percent, referred to the nonwoven fabric. Tend to be higher the cloth, such as non-woven shopping bags. [1] 
Because of its very thin, the construction is very easy, very suitable for young people like DIY.
Recommended groups: young people

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