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Wood fiber wallpaper

Wood fiber wallpaper environmental protection, the best permeability is, the longest service life. Surface of flexible, noise insulation, insulation, soft and comfortable. Non-toxic, harmless, no smell, good ventilation, and papier-mache stable, ready to scrub.
Recommended places: master bedroom, etc.
1. smell the smell: open wallpaper samples, especially the new sample, leaned smell it, wood fiber wallpaper shed a touch of wood flavor, almost smell the smell, if the smell is not wood fiber.
2. Fire: This is the most effective way. As the saying goes, "True gold fears fire," there is no smoke when burning wood fiber wallpaper, just as wood burning, after burning the remaining dust is white; if black smoke, the smell, there may be PVC material wallpaper.
3. do dripping test: This method can detect its permeability. Wallpaper in the back drop of a few drops of water to see if there is water vapor through the paper, if you do not see, then this wallpaper does not have air permeability, wood fiber wallpaper is not.
4. Soak: put a small portion of the water soak into the wallpaper, then fingers scraping wallpaper surface and the back to see if discoloration or bubble rotten. The real wood fiber wallpaper particularly strong, and because dye flowers and linen were extracted from natural ingredients, not because of blisters and discoloration.
Wallpapers amount (volume) is equal to the perimeter of the room multiplied by the height of the room multiplied (100 plus K) / square meter per roll number, K is the rate of loss of wallpaper, generally 3 to 10. General criteria wallpaper can shop 5.2㎡ per roll.
Pure paper wallpaper
Paper as a substrate, after embossing printing from, natural, comfortable, no smell, environmental protection and good, strong breathable performance. Because it is paper, so there is a very good color effect, even for dyed a variety of bright colors Painting. Bad paper products over time may slightly yellowed.
Recommended places: children's room, etc.

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