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Development of wallpaper

Development of wallpaper
Wallpaper with other decorative materials, the economic and cultural development as the world constantly developing and changing. Use different periods wallpaper is local economic development level, reflecting the new materials science, consumer psychology popular combination of factors.
As early as the Tang Dynasty in China, some people on the drawing paper to decorate the wall. The mid-10th century, the British Morris began mass production of printed wallpaper, wallpaper with a modern sense. With the changing times, the development of the wallpaper with the world economic and cultural development and continue to develop, it has gone through: Paper, paper painting, foam paper, printing paper, the development version of embossed paper, special craft paper changes process.
The original wallpaper is on the wall drawing, printing a variety of patterns made. There are certain psychedelic effects, but it is limited to the royal palace and other high places do local decorative use. Really large area with other decorative materials into the home life, or in the 20th century AD in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Throughout the 1980s, wallpaper is the prevailing period. "Wallpaper", also known as halftone relief foaming means adding a blowing agent in the raw materials, combined with high temperatures in the production process so that leavening agent to perform a similar "fermentation" process. So the production out of wallpaper have concavity, soft to the touch. Advantage of such wallpaper is a strong sense of three-dimensional sense of space to increase room. But the disadvantages are also obvious: do not wear, easy to scratch, vulnerable to pollution. Foam wallpaper has gradually been eliminated, but on the ceiling of some rooms still can be seen using.
In the face of the wallpaper glue launched at the beginning, showing texture shiny mercerized wallpaper popular. A later stage, with the Housing decoration industry trends change, dull matte wallpaper (cloth wallpaper flu) gradually led the trend. Wallpaper of color, pattern and more intense expression, was widely welcomed by consumers. Major manufacturers started this competition.
By the late 1980s, with the development of plastic industry, the emergence of alternatives to foam wallpaper - wallpaper glue surface. This wallpaper does not foam, so hard, greatly improved the shortcomings of foaming wallpaper. Waterproof, moisture-proof, durable, fine printing, embossed good texture, can be arbitrary in the wallpaper showing various designs and patterns, its color performance, practicality pioneered the development of a new page wallpaper. Plastic surface wallpaper world usage accounted for about 70%.
The early 1990s to the late 21 century, wove sense wallpaper became popular.
In China, the wallpaper started late. 1976 to 1986, the wallpaper is mainly used in some high-end restaurants, hotels. 1986 to 2001 is mainly popular is foamed wallpaper, when developed to its peak in 1992, followed by quality, market share fell.


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