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Wallpaper (wallpaper species)

Wallpaper (wallpaper species)
Wallpaper, also called wallpaper, is a kind of wall paper wall material for the interior decoration, widely used in homes, offices, guesthouses, hotels and other interior decoration. The material is not limited to paper, but also include other materials.
Because it has color, rich patterns, luxurious, convenient and safe, environmental protection, construction, affordable, and many other interior decorative materials can not match the features, it is a considerable degree of popularity in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries and regions.
Wallpaper divided into many categories, such as coated wallpaper, coated wallpaper, embossed wallpaper. Usually bleached chemical pulp production base paper, and then the processing of different processes, such as coating, printing, embossing or surface plastic coated, and finally, after cutting, packaging factory. It has a certain strength, toughness, attractive appearance and good water resistance.


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